13 Most Important Local SEO Checklist

Getting local SEO right is challenging. So, make sure you always going to right direction to rank website top on the local search. Most of peoples follow SEO famous blog like backlinko, Semrush, Moz local to rank their site, but end of the day they don’t get result. We have to recommend to select the right SEO Company In Chandigarh to rank your local business site top on the Serp. here’s a local SEO checklist to point you in the right direction.

  • Use the Right Address, Consistently

The name, address and phone contact (NAP) is required for Google My Business and the website. Whenever using this as a citation for your site, it must always be identical right down to capitalization.

  • Title Tag Optimization

Your title tag tells people what page and website they’re reached. It shouldn’t be longer than 60 characters. Use unique titles for each page.

  •  Provide good meta descriptions

You might think that meta descriptions are old news, but they’re not. Google and Bing still often use them to provide more information to searchers. Sometimes they include something from the page instead, but they’re useful also to match against search terms too.

  • Optimize Images

Make the images as small as they can be without losing too much quality. Use a sensible title with SEO benefits, alt text both for the visually impaired and that may show as a placeholder and compress the image to save on bandwidth.

  • Don’t Forget Reviews

Reviews are a major component of local business. Over 80 percent of people look at least at one review before viewing a business website. Focus your customer service on pleasing the customer and provide excellent quality to receive the best reviews. Ask for reviews where relevant. Look for reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and elsewhere.

Every website must now load well for mobile users. When it doesn’t, it will lose visitors. Focus on speed and quick delivery using lazy loading, good web hosting, and content delivery networks.

  • Mobile First

Google now indexing the mobile version of the website as the priority site. Make site you’re putting your best foot forward with what you offer on mobile. Speed up and optimize formatting rather than restricting what’s provided in the content.

  • Make Full Use of Headings

Use the HTML markup correctly. Use Header 1 for the title on the page, Header 2 for the primary sub-headings and then other H3 and H4 for nested headings. Consider using numbered points, bullet points and other forms to break up blocks of text to bite size pieces.

  • Get More Business Citations

Find new websites to place your NAP. Use as many reputable sources as you can find. Google looks at the number of times the NAP is repeated on different sites and is consistently the same and trusts that information.

  • Use Google Maps

When running a single location, embed  your SEO Company Chandigarh Google Map with your business clearly marked on the map. Use the build-in tools from Google for that. Don’t use an image as people can zoom in and change views with the embedded map. When multiple locations, use several landing-pages – one for each location with its own map.

  • On-Page SEO

Get your on-page SEO right. Look for a guide for on-page or hire hp sangha SEO expert to check that everything is correctly setup on your website.

  • Use Social Media Profiles

Make sure that the business has many different social media profiles. Update the important ones to your business on a regular business to show that your business is live and contactable.

  • Google My Business

Make sure you have a Google My Business page setup like SEO company in Chandigarh. It will determine if your local business shows up in Google’s Local SEO listings or not. Check the address and map location they have for you. Review any reviews they have too and respond to them where necessary too.