Google Wallet’s new web App

In the last year of may Google Wallet go with remarkable changes with introduction of android pay. Along with this,Google wallet has best features which allows that user can send money from their debit cart free of cost and within in minutes.The main advantage is that ,there is no requirement that other person has app. Google Wallet team introduce the new Web app.Google Wallet’s new web App

Google Wallet is usually compete with PayPal or Venmo. PayPal used all over the world by majority of people,especially for international transactions.But Venmo is used in  the US.

Now we are blessed from the web app because I can now say Google’s money transfer platform is on par with PayPal’s, if not better. They are both intuitive, secure, and convenient to use, but one advantage that Google Wallet has features that will automatically transfer your money to your bank. That’s kind of a game changer for me because on PayPal and Venmo, the money you receive just sits there until you manually transfer it to your bank account.

The web app is unmistakably Google – it has a simple form in the middle, surrounded by Material Design elements. You set the amount, specify who the recipient is, and click send. It’s as simple as that. I’m curious to see if Google Wallet will gain traction in the coming years given the already saturated field. On one hand you have PayPal dominating the money transfer realm, and on the other, you have much more commonly used apps like Facebook and Snapchat with mobile transfer options integrated into their apps. Google Wallet’s approach of letting you receive money transfers even if you don’t have the app – which is similar to Google Allo’s – may work, but only time will tell if this strategy will pay off.